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For over 20 years, the backbone of Western Siding has been our quality products and professional installation. Your door replacement is so much more than just a remodel, it’s an experience. Whether you are looking to enhance your home's style, increase curb value, ensure the safety of your home, or just increase the energy efficiency we can help! We offer a complete line of patio replacement doors from ProVia. Also proudly provide entry doors from ProVia, Therma-Tru and Stanley Exterior.
Our doors will update the look and energy efficiency of your home, saving you money on your energy bill without maxing out your budget. Our doors are designed for simple seamless replacement and will fit an existing opening where other doors require costly remodeling. Find the perfect exterior door that will reflect your personal style. The materials we use, the methods of our craftsmanship and the care we take with each job is evident each and every day at Western Siding.
Feel free to browse our selection of doors, or let us help find the door that is right for your home. Our experienced Installers can help you choose a product that is right for you, your home, and budget.

Need information on Entry Doors and Entry Door Replacements?
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Amerimax Windows and Doors ProVia Patio Door Options

Expanded Viewing of AG3 Coating on GlassAG3 coating

Ameriglass™ AG3 Low Emissivity glass is coated with a microscopic 12 layer patented formula with three layers of Silver. The ultimate balance of energy savings, solar control and high visibility.

Neat Glass - Naturally Clean Glass Naturally Clean Glass - Let Nature do the Work.

A Titanium Dioxide layer reacts with sun to decompose organic materials on the glass. A Silicon Dioxide layer creates an ultra smooth surface and Hydrophilic action to disperse water evenly or “sheet off ”.

Argon Gas FillArgon Gas Fill

Non-toxic, odorless and invisible Argon gas fill enhances the overall energy efficiency and can increase Total Window U Value performance by as much as 12% vs. traditional air fill.

True Warm LogoTrue Warm Spacer System

Thermally non-conductive structural foam spacer creates the ultimate in energy saving performance and long-term durability.